Gunung Jerai to be test site for water column warning system

The climate and water service is chipping away at fostering a water segment cautioning framework to caution encompassing occupants of approaching blaze floods, with the framework to be tried in Kedah’s Gunung Jerai first.

Agent serve Mansor Othman told the Dewan Rakyat the service intended to utilize this as an early notice framework for floods, especially in regions regularly hit by the problem.For a beginning, it has been recommended that the framework would be tried in Gunung Jerai. In case it is observed to be effective in giving early notice to inhabitants, the framework will be extended to different areas, including sporting facilities.

“The framework includes a precipitation and water level perception station, which will be furnished with alarms,” he said in response to an inquiry from Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (PH-Raub).

Mansor said the development of the framework will require the collaboration of the state governments and the ranger service division, since a large portion of the stations would should be set up in woodland holds.

This comes after heavy precipitation on the culmination of Gunung Jerai sent gigantic measures of water spouting through streams in its valleys and quickly blasting into towns at the lower regions like a wave in August.

As per the meteorological division, 278mm of precipitation was estimated on the mountain range, surpassing a 70-year normal repeat span.

Merbok and Gurun saw water levels of 0.2m to 0.3m high. In more modest towns in the waterfront Yan locale, waters rose to 1.5m, about the tallness of a little vehicle.

The waters retreated a day after the fact, leaving layers of mud all over. No less than 3,000 individuals were out of clean water supply on account of broken lines while some were left without power on the grounds that a fallen tree had cut down a force supply post.

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