Don’t make custodial deaths a racial issue, Hamzah tells MPs

Home priest Hamzah Zainudin has told MPs not to attach the issue of passings in care to nationality, saying there was no proof of the issue including one specific race, as per measurements.

He told the Dewan Rakyat that, as of September this year, 10 custodial passings had been accounted for, including four Malay men, one Malay lady, two Chinese men, two Indian men and one foreigner.The courts have requested an examination into one of these cases, while the others are as yet being researched, he added.

He added that 2020 saw 13 custodial passings, six including Malay men, four Chinese men, two Indian men and one outsider. The year prior to, nine passings in care were accounted for, including six Malay men, one Indian and two outsiders.

In 2018, 10 passings were accounted for including six Malays, two Indians and two outsiders, while 2017 saw 14 custodial passings involving five Malays, three Chinese, four Indians and two outsiders.

Custodial passings that year just made up 0.015% of people secured by the cops, he added.

“In light of these insights, there is no oppression any race when a prisoner is put under police confinement. What’s more, the level of custodial passings among prisoners is exceptionally low.

“I need to ask my kindred MPs not to make this a racial issue. Now and again, we let our feelings divert us, causing a major issue in the country.

“We ought to acknowledge the way that we are altogether here together to work out an answer. This ought not be made into a racial issue,” he said in his wrapping up discourse on the twelfth Malaysia Plan today.

Hamzah added that Putrajaya had attempted a few measures to resolve the issue, including the setting up of a board of private general professionals to direct wellbeing check-ups on prisoners before being secured.

The public authority was likewise amidst finishing the establishment of CCTVs in all police headquarters and lock-ups.

“The agreement for the establishment of these CCTVs has been separated to five zones and we anticipate that the project should be finished before the year’s over.

“This shows that we have been making enhancements,” he said.

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